Nicholas Langley - Simply Wonderful

I study Nickology, which is a study of Nicholas Langley and how wonderful he is.
To study Nickology you don't need a degree, you just need a heart and an open mind.

May 22

I’ve been wrong my entire life.

You know who is brilliant, and just as awesome in every single way.

Actually, maybe even better than that nick guy.

Nick who?



Now he’s a legend.

you can find his blog over at
When I first met Cameron, he had that, Aaragon, son of Arathorn look.

Sheer manpower.

I mean


Makes me shiver.
And his sideburns… *drools*

Jun 15
ANIMALS LOVE NICK TOO! (via Nicolas Cogels)

(remember if you want to contribute to the blog email

ANIMALS LOVE NICK TOO! (via Nicolas Cogels)

(remember if you want to contribute to the blog email

A poem about Nick… and cheese… mostly cheese

icholas Langley

I s a wonderful man, he’s almost as amazing as

heese, which I love a whole lot, especially cheese with

oles in it. Nick is in touch with his feminine side even though he doesn’t have

varies. Nick has wonderful hair, he

oves to model it (see photo below)

lso Nick loves cheese

o much but not as much as me.

Beautiful modelling. 

Beautiful modelling. 

Apr 21

Hug City, Population 2.

Hey there Nick-fans, I’ve changed up the pace a little and decided to write a review for your hungry eyes. Get ready to relive every sweaty moment of the first time Nick and I hugged.

After I’d known (the honourable) Nicholas Langley for a few weeks I decided to enquire to when we would move our relationship to a more serious level (i.e. the hugging stage). Nick informed me, in his infinite wisdom that we were not ready for that yet (it was something to do with my love for baby food, I think). However in the hype created from the Big Day Out tickets going on sale that same month, Nick promised me that the day of Big Day Out (26 Jan, 2011) would be the day for us to experience our first embrace. 

The wait was unbearable! But Months turned in to weeks, which turned into days and eventually the big day (out) arrived.

So there I am, just casually walking through that food-street at big day out (you know, the one with all the food) and I see him. Although, I’d like to think I ran to him in slow motion, i’m almost sure I wouldn’t have been able to wait a second more! We hugged a sweaty hug (it was a particularly warm day), and it was simply wonderful (much like Nick himself).

Artist Depiction. 


The experience of hugging Nick for the first time was heightened by anticipation of the pending event and overall the embrace was not a disappointment. One cannot disregard, however, Nick’s inability to match my enthusiasm and the role the heat played in creating a sticky grasp. I look forward to future cuddles. Four stars.

NOTE: Now all residents of Australia are able to take the day off work on the 26th of January to celebrate the first time Nick and I cuddled. So, have fun, eat some BBQ, play some cricket, go for a swim and, of course, hug Nick.

Apr 11

Nick: Beautiful AND Talented

So I know i’ve been slack on my blogging, i’ll tell you ONE thing, it’s not because I don’t love Nick, I LOVE Nick.

The other night I had the pleasure of seeing Nick perform with his band Cogel (pronounced Cog-gul). He was absolutely wonderful! Who knew one man could be so charming, handsome AND talented?!

I wrote a little somethin’ on the wall just to show him how much I care. 
(see below)

Stay tuned Nick-fans for a little reminiscing about the first time Nick and I hugged.

Hail Nick.

Just a little example of how much I love Nick.

Just a little example of how much I love Nick.

Mar 28


I know I’m not the only person who loves Nick, so submissions are open. They can be a work of prose, art, or just simply a photo of you admiring him. I’m open minded. 

Send submissions to

Some of my expert work will follow soon.

Hail Nick.